Changing the way the world
looks at parking

One system at a time


Parker Systems offers multi-space parking pay stations from T2’s Digital Payment Technologies (DPT), an innovative leader in the design and manufacture of multi-space parking meters, management software, and online services for the parking industry.

LUKE II, the next generation of the LUKE multi-space pay station, is a highly secure, flexible parking pay station suitable for on- and off-street deployments. LUKE II fulfills customer service expectations and delivers superior performance and significant contributions to operators’ top and bottom line.


Parker Systems is a Parking Equipment Sales, Consulting, and System Management company. Surrounded by a professional parking staff, it was founded and incorporated in late 1989, by Parker Harrington. Initially, the company’s core products and services were single space Parking Meters and accessories, system layout, and installation. Over the years the company’s menu of parking products changed, and other product lines and services were added.

Lynda Harrington was appointed President of the company in 2006 and quickly led the company into and through a renewal era that included the introduction of additional product lines and services. Today our core products consist of Multi-Space Parking Meters, along with a host of services including; Sales, Equipment Installation and System Management.

Through Lynda Harrington’s leadership, and in partnership with T2 Systems (Digital Payment Technologies’ Multi-Space Equipment), Parker Systems now leads our parking industry in the state of Florida as the number one provider of Multi-Space meter products.

Parker Systems has served the industry for over 25 years with exceptional products and services and is proud of its reputation as an industry leader with Parking Equipment, Parking System Management, Customer Service excellence and Product Quality…

Our customer base includes large and small cities, University Campuses, medical facilities, Airports, and private parking operators. Our technicians are expertly trained, skilled, and bonded. Our staff is experienced in all facets of project management, including on-street and off-street operations.

As we continue to serve the industry as a leader in distribution, management, and installation of Multi-Space Pay and Display Parking Systems, we are; “Changing the way the world looks at parking…one system at a time”.

Parker Systems is a Harrington Resources company